Choose Everything

Client Nikon

The Background
NIKON’S Z mirrorless system is all about choices. Having the choice to go vast, to go tiny. The option to stay true to your creative potential, and to “choose everything”. Nikon approached us with this thought and a script, and through collaboration with the Nikon team, Bear in the Hall provided creative direction and execution on their new anthem spot “Choose Everything”

The Challenge
How the brand could inspire both beginners and established creatives in one spot (effectively two different target audiences) while reinforcing and strengthening the core values of the Nikon brand. With the common thread of possibilities as the main drive for creatives, the brand was able to relate to two separate generations of photographers in one spot (established professional photographers and the emerging new creative type which Nikon labeled “ZCreators”).

How Did We Do It?
Bear in the Hall was driven to truly capture both the ZCreators and Pro-Photographer spirits, which started with an in-depth understanding of their unique personas. We developed scenes that demonstrated how ZCreators use Nikon cameras to fuel their passions and interests, and visually meshed it with the footage we sourced from world-renowned professional photographers who use Nikon Z series cameras to create. We then filmed our ZCreators with a stripped-down crew (per COVID safety regulations) locally in NYC, and paired the footage with our sourced Nikon pro clips.

The Result
A visually stunning anthem spot that demonstrates the freedom to choose when you choose a Nikon Z Series Camera. The whole project was shot entirely on Nikon Z mirrorless cameras and lenses.