Client Tezos

NFTs are changing everything, and Tezos is changing NFTs, making them more accessible and way more energy efficient than before. But what’s the best way to explain what an NFT actually is?

Is it a newly found taco? A nice foliage trim? A noisy folk track?
Well, yes… those all could be NFTs.

Bear in the Hall and Tezos went on a mission to define how NFTs could be just about anything, highlighting how they empower creators and collectors, while simultaneously shining spotlight on the Tezos platform as a disruptive force in the world of NFTs.

How did we do it? By explaining that NFTs could be nearly anything with a hilarious ad campaign that defined NFTs in wacky ways…then we transformed those ads into real NFTs that you can actually collect via an NFT marketplace… built on the energy efficient Tezos blockchain. So yes, a Newly Found Taco really can be an NFT… and you could collect it here.